Cash Interbank Foreign Exchange is the largest business in the world, period. The New York Institute of Finance estimates that somewhere around $1.6 Trillion will change hands every 24 hours.
That is bigger than the New York Stock Exchange dollar volume over weeks or months. Until recently, Interbank F/X has been the exclusive domain of International Banks, Business, Governments, and Institutions. Usually individuals have been excluded from this trading environment because the size of transactions, with the resulting financial responsibilities involved, were beyond what most individuals could realistically handle. In other words, they aren't "big enough" to be involved profitably. Our program solves this problem.
It's our opinion that Cash F/X represents one of the finest cutting edge opportunities for investors today. With the recent advances in technology and the growth of the industry as a whole the benefits that have not been available for the smaller investor now can be exploited on almost any level. A few of the more visible benefits include:

  • Global Opportunity Base
    No matter where or why an economic change is occurring anywhere in the world we can participate instantly. Eventually all economic events will manifest themselves in the value of a Country's Currency. Instead of selecting stocks or rating bonds, or any other various means available to participate in Global growth (or decline); it is simpler and more cost effective to trade the currency involved. Because the Interbank Cash F/X market is electronic and central for all participants a profit opportunity can be exploited immediately without delay. This opens the door for more profit potential more often.

  • Size and Flexibility of the Marketplace
    We trade 17 currency pairs at anytime 24 hours a day, 6 days a week. No matter which direction our home currency is moving (up or down) there will be literally hundreds of daily possibilities that result from this. Also, we are not limited to our home currency; we can do true cross-rate trades. This means if any currency is moving against any other (for whatever reason) we can position ourselves for a profit regardless of what our home currency might be doing at that time. The Cash F/X market is the only place where you can profit easily from such movement. Because the market is so large and well traded (liquid) we do not have to pay a premium to enter or exit a position. Unlike stocks, bonds, metals, or futures, there is no commissions charged for the privilege of being a participant. Because the market is populated with highly professional people and is so well capitalized we can leverage large transactions with very small performance bonds (margin). This gives tremendous profit potential when positioned well. Better than any other leveraged vehicle. The end result is better, lower cost execution; no trade gaps in price movement, and better profits with a definable risk.